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Commercial Projects

The Ideal Environment / Brian Lee Architect specializes in corporate interiors for the high tech industry and profit enhancing commercial work environments. This is helpful and economical for entrepreneurs and commercial companies going through rapid change. We also specialize in daycare centres and country recreational facilities for commercial developers.

The Ideal Environment / Brian Lee Architect is the interior design solution that ensures client satisfaction by giving the opportunity to think deeply and to communicate what is needed and what is really wanted.  It helps clients avoid the fear that their Architect isn’t listen to them, leaving them a home or office that they don’t absolutely love, or worse, that doesn’t work for their needs.

For entrepreneurs or business owners in need of more space our interior design services including our ‘No Building Plan’ can save thousands or more per month by establishing your true size requirements, BEFORE you spend time and money finding new space. For more info please contact us or read our FAQ.

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