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Cottages & Homes

The Ideal Environment designs, builds and renovates cottage and country homes as well as urban dwellings throughout Ontario and North America. We have completed projects in Georgian Bay, Muskoka, Haliburton and the Kawarthas.

The Ideal Environment is an internationally recognized full services Architecture and Interior Design firm possessing an exclusive exterior and interior design process. This has resulted in home, office, childcare, commercial and workplace environments that make our clients happy and their businesses more profitable.  For over 25 years, Ideal Environment projects are painstakingly crafted to reflect the dreams, aspirations and practical needs a client has in their present and future homes, cottages and offices.  Whether designing a custom cottage or a multi-purpose entrepreneurial office environment, our goal is that every project must touch clients on a deeply emotional, spiritual or visceral level.

The Ideal Environment / Brian Lee Architect is also the Architecture solution that ensures client satisfaction by giving the opportunity to think deeply and to communicate what is needed and what is really wanted.  It helps clients avoid the fear that their Architect isn’t listening to them, leaving them a home or office that they don’t absolutely love, or worse, that doesn’t work for their needs.

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