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WEEK 10 : Another floor!!

After an almost one week hiatus, the carpenters returned to build the ground floor walls and the second floor. While it was great to stand on the ground floor, it was even more interesting to see how the views will be framed by the windows once the walls were up. The view from the wrap around windows on the turret and the projection of the big bay window is dramatic. The east unit will enjoy great sunrises and the west one, sunsets. We can also now stand on the second floor and see what the views will be like from the upper living room.

Equally important, (but not nearly as exciting) the sewage lift pumps that were mentioned in Week 6, finally arrived. They are a special design with 2 pumps in one box in case one breaks down and they took extra long to get from the manufacturer. With important items like this, it’s always good to have backup. Now we can finish installing the gravel in the basement and get ready for the underfloor insulation and concrete. We have also installed the underfloor water lines to connect the pump rainwater tank into the house system.

Next week, the masons will return to build the second floor and the north wall, and the excavation will get filled in.

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