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WEEK 4 : Kew Beachouse Rises from the Ground!

A lot has happened this week and the building shape is now fully visible.  The crew from SQUIRES AND  WEST , our foundation experts, began by pouring a continuous pad around the exterior.  Then our  surveyor came and accurately positioned all the lines of the walls on the pad. The insulated concrete  forms are then erected on top of the pad.

Before the walls went in, our contractor INFINITY FINE HOMES added the perforated weeping tile piping and covered them with gravel; with double pipe capacity at the future window wells just to be sure!

The walls  made of two layers of foam with special plastic separators; have reinforcing steel in the centre  so when they are poured full of concrete, they act like a large beam that links all the steel piles in the  ground and carries the weight of the floors and walls above.

The ICF walls also have several other  advantages , they are quieter, thinner than regular concrete walls plus studs and they are much warmer  as there is  insulation on the outside of the  wall keeping the concrete warm. Also they are completely  ready to finish with no extra walls to build.

On Friday our structural Engineer inspected all the reinforcing and confirmed it is ready for concrete!

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