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WEEK 5 : Time for Concrete

The insulated forms were almost ready to pour with concrete when Nature gave way to a surprise and a large section of a tree came crashing down in the middle of the road Sunday night. Fortunately no one was injured and neither were our foam form work panels.

Concrete was delayed a day and pumped on Tuesday. Concrete is pumped up through pipes and hoses and and into the wall panels. As we are targeting Kew Beachouse to be LEED certified we used a special concrete mix which reduces the amount of portland cement by 30%. The production of cement, the “glue” that holds concrete together uses more energy per pound than any other building material, so reducing the amount in the concrete really helps.

The next day all the braces and supports were removed and then the flexible rubber waterproofing was sprayed on and covered by a drainage board that protects it from damage while also leaving an air space against the wall to allow any water to travel down the wall to the weeping tile pipes at the bottom.

Next week underfloor plumbing goes in before we pour the basement floor.

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