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WEEK 6: In the Trenches

Week 6 was a wet one with a few rain days as are inevitable in construction. Importantly our plumbing contractor PRECISION PLUMBING was here working in the trenches installing all the underfloor drains for the building. While no one ever comes to your house and says “nice plumbing” it is an important step before the basement floor can be poured.

Kew Beachouse is very close to Lake Ontario and also at the bottom of the Toronto sewer system which has proven to be problematic in the past, to say the least! Since the chances of the City fixing the problem are small, The Ideal Environment has developed a unique system of plumbing buildings in the area, which we have used on several projects before. It is the only way to take away the uncertainty of possible sewer backup.

All drains for plumbing fixtures in the basement are connected to a lift pump in each unit which raises the liquid to the ceiling where it joins the drains from the floors above before it exits the building. As this is 6 feet above the street, there is way no water can back up into the basement from the street.

At the end of the week our framing crew arrived to build the wood stud walls on the south side where all the windows will go. It was all built in only one day and next week they will return to start the floors. This is when you start to see changes happening quickly!!

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